sur une proposition de Damien Cadio et Thibaut de Ruyter

Strombe, une exposition sonore avec :

- 2016, Bertrand Belin, 2016
- Vaudou (traversée), Alex Pou, 2016
- Retenir… Dream, Christian Barani, 2016
- Vaudou (voix), Alex Pou, 2016
- Crin, Stéphane Thidet, 2016
- Damien Cadio, 2016
- Rapture (extrait), (voice : Kim Gordon), Marcelline Delbecq, 2007
- Vaudou (chants), Alex Pou, 2016
- Vaudou (alcool), Alex Pou, 2016
- Quando o bom tempo chega, Philippe Eydieu, 2016
- Strombe (Cotonou), Alex Pou, 2016

à écouter sur :

twentynineminfiftyninesec is a curated space based on time and located somewhere in the Internet. Ten years ago Anna Colin organized a series of exhibitions for a radio station in London. Artists, curators, critics were asked to create exhibitions that do not have a « normal » space with an entrance and an exit, but a duration with a beginning and an end. We base our project on a similar idea, but decided to give our guests a space of 29 min. and 59 sec. — the equivalent of one side of an audio-tape — and to leave them free to build a cultural, ethnological or historical project.

Collecting information and artworks, doing lists, organizing a follow of pieces, choosing a first and a last piece and trying to create a narration and an atmosphere in a given space — when we do something like that, is it not already curating? ?Can time create space? Can sound provide images? Those questions, and many others, will come with the different participations to this exhibition space, directed by the artist Damien Cadio and the curator Thibaut de Ruyter.